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Published by: PAUL DOYLE 19-Feb-18
New Trends in Marketing

Marketing has taken on a new picture with the fast & steady growth of the internet. Pop ups which were prevalent in the early stages of the internet are now being controlled by your 'settings' and are regarded as 'SPAM'. Exit messages has replaced them and even these can be controlled. Cookies are widely used to gauge your behaviour and thousands of dollars are spent by companies like Neilsen to chart your preferences.


Internet and Affiliate Marketing has taken the world by storm and the latter had birth concerns like ClickBank and others. They have no relation to 'Banks' as we know them but are equally as successful. 


Internet Marketing has changed the Marketing Landscape dramatically with the birth of spin-offs like the ever popular email marketing, banner ads, solos etc. Splash pages and Auto responders  are relatively new terms associated with this type of marketing and has opened up several new opportunities for individuals.


Marketing has and always will be about promoting and to a lesser extent, getting the word out about your product, service or offer! It is quite similar to Advertising and there remain ' a fine line' between the two.


An example of the two forms of Marketing can be seen on my site http://monopolymediamarketing.com/other-links/ . The page is divided ( split ) in two. 


Affiliate & Internet Marketing.  Internet Marketers can click on any tile in the Symbaloo display to join the program of their choice and are free to promote their offer You can also click on the several banners on the right or top of page to receive more FREEBIES (all are A FREE service)..... AFFILIATE MARKETERS can scroll down the page and select suitable topics typed in 'blue' to CLICK & follow! (A charge may be involve).


This represent a merger of the two forms of marketing. The object of which is to attract more visitors to your offers.


Never the less, it is offers, clients, listeners, visitors etc you want. Good, knowledgeable Marketers THAT CAN ASSURE RESULTS are wanted!

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